Limits on maritime use of force - uw school of law

... nttp 3-07.11/cgp 3-07.11 (2003) [hereinafter "u.s. navy mio doctrine"]. the navy mio doctrine does not apply to naval blockades in time of war.

Joint publication 3-03 - federation of american scientists

(nttp)/coast guard publication 3-07.11, maritime interception operations, which describes detailed visit, board, search, and seizure operations. chapter ii

Joint capability areas tier 1 and supporting tier 2 lexicon post ...

(nttp 3-07.11) maritime/littoral expeditionary operations - the ability to conduct operations requiring immediate deployment / employment of forces into

The analysis of network centric maritime interdiction operations ...

Source: nwp 3-07.11, maritime interception operations. defence r&d canada - atlantic • r & d pour la défense canada - atlantique

Drafted by: u.s. navy expeditionary combat command 19 ...

921 - nwp 3-10, naval coastal warfare 922 - nttp 3-10.1, naval coastal warfare operations 923 - nwp 3-07.11, maritime interception operations

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