Mathematics bio page: politis, dimitris

Politis, dimitris professor research areas statistics time series analysis bootstrap methods nonparametrics office location apm 5701 direct phone (858) 534-5861

Dimitris n. politis university of california, san diego

Spectral estimation: linear vs. nonlinear dimitris n. politis university of california, san diego [joint work with e. paparoditis, univ. of cyprus]


Order reprint s 54 politis and white 1. introduction implementation of block bootstrap methods for dependent data typically

Cv politis english

Constantin politis current positions: 1. professor of physics and materials science... university of karlsruhe and ucsd about 'materials for solid state physics...

The bootstrap of the mean for dependent heterogeneous arrays

University of california, san diego... ucsd manuscript. [29] politis, d. & j. romano (1994a) the stationary bootstrap. journal of american statistics asso-

University of california san diego

Yixiao sun yisun[^et^] (858) 534-4692 dimitris politis (mathematics department) dpolitis[^et^] (858... university of california, san diego- theory lunch

Correction to "automatic block-length selection ...

California at san diego, la jolla, ca, usa; e-mail: dpolitis{__{$@$}__} downloaded by: [duke university] at: 23:22 26 october 2009... of politis and white...

The local bootstrap for markov processes

E-mail address: politis{..[%@%]..} (d.n. politis). 0378-3758/02/$-see front matter c 2002 published by elsevier science b.v. pii: s0378-3758(02)00315-4.


Bootstrap-basedarmaorders election liviofenga⁄,dimitrisn.p olitisy november4,2009 ⁄university of california san diego - department of applied physics and mathematics

Discussion: bootstrap methods for dependent data: a review

E-mailaddresses:silvia.go ncalves{%<.@.>%}umo s.gonçalves),dpolitis{%& lt;.@.> %} 1tel.:+18585345861... politis...

Revisions to short rate expectations: policy surprises and ...

Politis, john rogers, irina telyukova, allan timmermann and jonathan wright, as well as participants at... university of california, san diego. e-mail: mbauer{+[`et`]+}

Robust inference for the mean in the presence of serial ...

Tucker mcelroy and dimitris n. politis university of california, san diego the problem of statistical inference for the mean of a time series with possibly

Subsampling, symmetrization, and robust interpolation

Subsampling, symmetrization, and robust interpolation dimitris n. politis department of mathematics university of california, san diego la jolla, ca 92093-0112, usa

Mathematics associate professors professors ...

Dimitris politis, ph.d. jeffrey m. rabin, ph.d., academic senate... proficiency without taking these courses at ucsd is subject to approval by the csme executive

Economics - university of california, san diego

Dimitrus politis, ph.d.(professor, math)... and other campus wide regulations are described in the graduate studies section of this catalog.

Bootstrap standard error estimates for linear regression

Politis, romano, and wolf 1997), the consistency of the boot-strap variance of the ls estimator has not received much atten... university of california, san diego.

University of california san diego division of the ...

University of california san diego division of the academic senate representative assembly [see pages 2 and 3 for representative assembly...

G. p. patil d. n. politis dynamic mixed models for ranking and ...

D. n. politis, university of california-san diego, la jolla, ca, usa (eds.) selected works of murray rosenblatt during the second half of the 20th century...

Fixed-b asymptotics for the studentized mean from ...

Address correspondence to dimitris politis, dept. of mathematics, university... short, long or negative memory. technical report, university of california san diego.

P r e v i e w s

Podsypanina, k., lee, r.t., politis, c., hennessy, i., crane, a., puc, j., neshat, m., wang, h., yang, l., gibbons, j., et al. (2001). proc. natl. acad. sci.

Minimally biased nonparametric regression and ...

Politis{$$<>$$} received: september 2007 revised: november 2007 accepted: december 2007 abstract: • a nonparametric regression estimator is introduced which...

Greek intonation and the phonology of prosody: ...

University of california, san diego amalia{~~at~~} both in greek (e.g. botinis 1989, papazachariou & politis in press) and in other languages (fry

University of california san diego division of the ...

University of california. san diego division of the academic senate. representative assembly... dimitris politis/[l. cheng] (mathematics) +

Z rhythm, timing and the timing of rhythm z

rhythm, timing and the timing of rhythm amalia arvaniti with help from tristie ross, naja ferjan, chris barkley, kris phillips university of california, san diego

Empirical estimation of parameter distributions in system ...

University of california san diego, la jolla ca 92093-0411, usa... politis, d.n. (1998). computer-intensive methods in statistical analysis. ieee signal processing mag-

Bootstrapping unit root tests for autoregressive time series

Efstathios paparoditis and dimitris n. politis... (e-mail: politis[``<$$et$$>``]eucli d. the authors thank the editor, the associate editor, and two refer


Ucsd and creates february 7, 2012 abstract out-of-sample tests of forecast performance depend on how a given data set is split... see also politis & romano...

*politis, department of mathematics, university of california, san diego, la jolla, ca 92093-0112, usa; e-mail: politis{;;at;;}; romano...

Density estimation of censored data with infinite-order kernels

Arthur berg dimitris n. politis university of california, san diego aberg[~~[*et*]~~] dpolitis[~~[*et*]~~] abstract

Program conference in honor of halbert l. white, jr.

Dimitris n. politis, university of california, san diego, (joint with e. paparoditis, university of california, san diego), nonlinear spectral density estimation.

270 bay state rd. boston, ma 02215 hiroakikaido b

Dissertation committee: ivana komunjer, dimitris politis, andres santos, allan timmermann, rossen valka... 2009 university of california, san diego lectures

Divisionofbiostatistics 500universitydrive hershey,pa17033 h ...

2005 m.s.,statistics,university of california, san diego,lajolla,ca... berg, a.and d. politis, survival function estimation with infinite-order kernels.

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