Product safety assessment ethylene glycol butyl ether

Revised: december 23, 2014 1the dow chemical company page of 6 product safety assessment ethylene glycol butyl ether select a topic: names product overview

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Product safety assessment: diethylene glycol monomethyl ether created: december 7, 2007 the dow chemical company page 4 of 5 physical hazard information14 degme is a combustible liquid that is stable under recommended conditions.

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Butyl glycol ether revision date 05/04/2018 version 2.1 print date 05/18/2018 110000002553 page 3 of 10 safety data sheet skin contact if skin irritation persists, call a physician. wash off immediately with soap and plenty of

Safety data sheet: triethylene glycol

May cause slight temporary eye irritation. mist may cause eye irritation. skin corrosion/irritation prolonged contact may cause skin irritation with local redness.

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Product name: ethylene glycol polyester grade issue date: 11/21/2013 page 3 of 9 therapeutically effective blood concentration in the range of 100 - 150 mg/dl may be achieved by a rapid loading dose followed by a continuous intravenous infusion.

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Dow corning corporation material safety data sheet version: 2.1 revision date: 2008/06/19 dow corning(r) 1200 rtv prime coat/clear

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Product name: garlon* 4 ultra herbicide issue date: 07/19/2007 page 3 of 8 spread fire. move container from fire area if this is possible without hazard. burning liquids may be moved by flushing with water to protect personnel and minimize property damage.

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Idh number: 234438 product name: 565 thread sealant controlled strength pst pipe sealant with ptfe page 2 of 6 hazardous component(s) cas number percentage*

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Ch 3 h 3c och 3 c ch 2 ch 2 oh safety data of mmb 1. acute oral toxicity ld 50: 4.30g/kg (rats) 1 ld 50: 5.83g/kg (mice) 2 2. inhalation toxicity after repeated dose2 (rats/500 ppm/28 days) no significant changes were observed in the pathological...

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about basell basell develops, produces and markets polypropylene, polyethylene, advanced polyolefin materials and polyolefin catalysts, and also

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