Why move to free-form rpg? - backup encryption, tokenization ...

As you should see from the above free-form example, the power of indenting source makes the free-form logic easier to understand than its fixed-format equivalent.

Ile rpg programmer's guide - ibm - united states

/end-free example of an ile rpg program 8 ile rpg programmer's guide... to rpgle when it starts the editing session for a new member. otherwise, you

Who knew you could do that with rpg iv? a sorcerer's guide ...

Example, lack of a gui isn't rpg's problem exactly. simon: free-form expressions, built-in functions... when compiling your rpgle source members.

Ile rpg reference - ibm - united states

In free-form operations... search for the file as named, and also for files with suffixes of ″.rpgle″ or... example, for visualage rpg...

Tutorial 2 - logic control statements in /free - scs home

/free tutorial 2 shirey consulting services page 1 tutorial 2 - logic control statements in /free. now that we have a simple... for example, if dave > *blanks;

What's new in rpg for v6 - ibm - united states

/free chain id custfile.rec info; return %found(custfile);... for example, if the command requested *stmf, and the source keyword specifies *module...

The essential guide to free-format rpg

Free format requires the use of one or more data conversion... for example, you'll need to code an /end-free directive before the beginning p-spec, then include

My favorite bif (built-in function): %dec

These use the "free form" of rpgle, but not all. the %dec bif is equally at-home in... example: num1 = %dec(%xlate('$,':' ':'$1,234.56'):7:2); // num1 = 01234.56

Why do i care about xml? - scott klement's web page

Xml from rpg using free tools presented by scott klement http://www.scottklement.c om... large documents. the ifs api example does not...

Json and rpgle on ibm i

Rpgle doesnt have %ifs to create neither xml... so if the above example should be ^hardcoded in... powerext core is an free open source service program with...

Procedures and parameters

for example, if the member contains prototypes for date subprocedures, name it datertn (date routines) • use /copy or /include to include the member

A pattern for reusable rpg code

Example illustrates the first screen of a customer maintenance program... /free exfmt ordents1;... language rpgle not deterministic...

Using sql in rpg programs: an introduction

Example on next chart c eval sqlstmtstr = 'delete from customer where - c custno =?' dynamic sql - example c if deletecorp c...

Iseries sql programming: you've got the power! - tylogix ...

Example 6b: retrieving the n largest values of a column - the fast way the "fetch first n rows only" clause can help in limiting the ouptut of a query.

Ile rpg for as/400 programmer's guide - oocities - geocities ...

Examples of free-form call... example of adding a service program to a debug session... to rpgle when it starts the editing session for a new member.

Built-in functions - techtarget, where serious technology buyers ...

Following example shows how to use this function to calculate an average item price from an order file. select item, avg(price) from orderdtl group by item

Barcode printing for ibm midrange servers

Zpl - zebra programming language... and is also available for free... for example, use a tlp2844-z instead of a tlp2844.

Major enhancements for ile rpg include

Template example - defining the template d custid_t s 10a template d cust_id_not... 3 /free 4 read custfile.custrec custds; 5 if custds.name = *blanks;

A visual guide to automated mvc reengineering

For example, x-analysis generates the following numbers for one large scale erp application:... business logic residing in exportable rpgle/free procedures.

Rpg iv at v7r1

/free sorta(d) mystuff; // sort the array in descending order... %scanrpl built-in function example /free myname = %scanrpl('bob' : 'robert' : myname );

Integrating rpg with java and open source

Free formatted rpg... jni code example setting and displaying public fields. external jars locations on the ifs. setting the class path. excel spreadsheets with...

Rpg-xml suite user manual 1

/free gerror.code = 'parse1.1'; gerror.severity = 100; gerror.pgm = 'parse.errhandler'; gerror.text =... example /postadr is specified for the baseenv parameter.

Print directly from your system i

Integration assistant - generates rpgle... the example below shows just how easy it is to add a text item to your label... call our toll-free number and receive

Control structures and loops - the ultimate resource for ibm i ...

/end-free although this example is a little simplistic, continue can become more useful when your logic is more complex than simply writing the odd numbers from 1 to 10.

Basic syntax and structure - gateway/400 group - st. louis, mo

I want stress-free it. i want control. i want an i... • example: keep a count of all cars in this vm (extra credit for finding the bug...

Why web services? - scott klement's web page

Soap is an xml language that describes the parameters that you pass to the programs... (free of charge)... currency exchange example

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