Brief history of shinto

Torii in their purest state are left as plain and un‐touched as possible. some torii, such as the one found at...


Shinto is recognized by the torii, a distinctive arch or gate erected at the entrance to the sacred precincts of a shrine.

Awa life

Under a torii arch, the entrance to shinto shrines. after winding their way up the slope they come to a waterfall guarded by fudo-san, the warrior-like fire god.

Original article effects of laterally wedged insoles on knee ...

Takashima t, naito k, torii s. effects of laterally wedged... arch phys med rehabil 2005;86:1465-71. objective: to assess the biomechanic effects of wearing a

2012 ed ross onth arch

Red cross month march 2012 american red cross unit 5034 torii bldg, rm 1465 apo, ap 96319-5034 226.3016, s. march is red cross month, first proclaimed in...

Conservation and repair projects: their systems and project ...

Porcelain torii arch at miyajidake hachiman shinto shrine hammerhead crane at mitsubishi heavy industries inc. nagasaki shipyard.

News release siuslaw torii (2)

Florence or - what appears to be another part of a torii (sacred arch) was removed from the ocean shore near florence about mid-day on april 9, 2013.

Tori, torus, exostoses - brian palmer, dds, for better health

Tori, torus, exostoses brian palmer, d.d.s. leawood, kansas usa december 2004 1

League lore

Arch is an opportune time to highlight the junior league of south bend, inc. in our community... 03-27 torii beatty (s, pp) 03-27 betty farner meyer (s)

The government of japan

Kuyo-hi of whales, kyonan, whale bone torii, arikawa, nagasaki prefecture* chiba prefecture*... whale bones form an arch that serves as an entrance to the shrine.

. a quest for peace -the exhibition

Left as a memorial, such as a one-legged torii gate and an arch near ground zero. new structures were also raised as memorials, such as the atomic bomb museum.

Simple beauty

Particularly striking are the exposed structural members that imitate torii... a torii-influenced arch, or 'gateway,' separates the kitchen from the

Uw-stout student hooks win in design contest

The torii rack will be patented and could be in production in as little as six months... noting the name is derived from the torii gateway arch in japan...

Annual publications

〃 shuhei torii technical official michi matsubara graduate student akiko nozawa special... rat dental pulp cells in culture. arch. oral biol., 38(9):...

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Hanging off the lower section of the torii gate... red with gold trim pagoda arch is the dominant focal point here. three red lanterns are suspended off

Triangular meshes by scott ingram

Primitive shapes: spheres, planes, cones, torii, etc. one solution... compose the model using a number of tessellated 2d shapes... create arch line

Treasures of japan

Of the scarlet torii, a giant camphor-wood gate at the entrance to the itsukushima shrine... arch-shaped cenotaph includes the names of


Cascade torii 14. pool bar 15. waterfall 16. putting green 17. pier 18. sala 19. infinity edge 20. red arch bridge 21. koi pond 22. wooden terrace 23. reasturant w...

Catalog # 120491-1 package size: 1 g (20ku/mg) zymolyase® ...

... torii yasuhiko, yamamoto takehiko: agric. biol. chem., 47 (12), 2267... kobayashi hidemitsu, tojo menehiro, suzuki shigeo: arch. biochem. biophys., 251 (2), 697

Catalog # 120493-1 package size: 500 mg zymolyase®-100t

... torii yasuhiko, yamamoto takehiko: agric. biol. chem., 47 (12), 2267... kobayashi hidemitsu, tojo menehiro, suzuki shigeo: arch. biochem. biophys., 251 (2), 697

Treasures of japan - archaeological institute of america ...

Of the scarlet torii, a giant camphor-wood gate at the entrance to the itsukushima shrine... an arch-shaped cenotaph includes the names of all the (b, l, d)

Arch.576/bb professor botond bognar japanese architecture ...

elements of shinto shrines - torii the ceremonial gate;... reading list for the seminar arch. 576 on japanese architecture on reserve b. bognar.

Motion of the rearfoot, ankle and subtalar joints and ankle ...

Kakihana w, akai m, nakazawa k, takashima t, naito k, torii s: effects of laterally wedged insoles on knee and subtalar joint moments. arch phy

Japan: kyoto, hiroshima tokyo

Of iconic vermillion torii (gates) lead to the inner shrine of fushimi-inari taisha... scribed on the arch of the memorial cenotaph. buddhist temple kyoto, japan

Brief communication - cardiac general simultaneous multi-vessel ...

Aortic arch during coronaryyintracardiac operation was... torii s, koyanagi t, nakatani h, gohongi m. a surgical case of descending aortic aneurysm combined


Graefes arch clin exp ophthalmol. 2006;244... sugawara m, horibe f, torii f. the "new aniseikonia tests" and its clinical applications. nippon ganka gakkai zasshi.

Case alveolar adenoma of the lung: a case report report

Nobuyuki kondo, 1 ikuko torii,2 masaki hashimoto,1 teruhisa takuwa,1 fumihiro tanaka,1... arch 1996; 429: 101-8. 5) lam ky, dickens p, chan ac. tumors of the...

A proposed new vegetation index, the total ratio ...

A proposed new vegetation index, the total ratio vegetation index (trvi), for arid and semi-arid regions hadi fadaei a*, rikie suzuki b...

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