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C 1989 simplex time recorder co., gardner, mass. 01441-0001 u,s.a... 2400 ems/2350 master clock 1.6a on 0+ *use 1 l. off 2 120 vac figure 6...

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I995 simplex time recorder co... the 6351 provides the master clock functions of the 6400 but does not have rack-mount packaging or circuit programming.

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Rq,simplex time control products... 6400, 2351, or 2350, the following applications are available: l rs232 output... master center rs-232 converter (6400-9568)

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This kit was specifically designed to convert existing simplex 2350 and 6500 master enclosures to house a... no external time source ssqmstr-00x2b-web 1 clock...

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Clock parts & accessories american time & signal co. carries thousands of replacement clock parts in stock... simplex 2350 and 6500 master enclosures to...

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2000 simplex time recorder co. all specifications and other information were current as of publication... clock simplex master 100 slave. optional features 24

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It is a simplex model #2350. the master is in the substation room on b1 of thc, room b311e. 3... digital elapsed time type clock may also be required...

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Model : simplex company /manufacturer: simplex time recorder co. (gardner, mass., 01441 usa) quantity: 7 site :saddam medical city/ master clock complete 2350 14

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