Plural morphemes, definiteness and the notion of semantic ...

Sore in (9a) and soitsu in (9b) are c-commanded by their universally quantified antecedents and they are interpreted as bound variables.

Village zendo sutra book

Sôitsu dai-osho e-shun dai-osho satsu dai-osho ohashi dai-osho shôtaku dai-osho bunchi jo dai-osho ryonen gensho dai-osho tei-jitsu dai-osho jôrin dai-osho

Quiz 3 solutions

Wehaveconstructedg2 sothatl(g2)=l(d)[l(g).soitsu-cesnowtodeterminewhether ornotl(g2)=f0;1g...

World investment report (overview) 1994

... adrian otten, james otto, eric d. ramstetter, soitsu watanabe and obie whichard. a number of experts were consulted and commented on various chapters.

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