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In the spinal cord, gray matter is at the center in an h-shape and is surrounded by white matter that contains both afferent (ascending) and efferent (descending) nerve fibers.

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Lumbar spine l3 -l4 lose cupid's bow (lower endplate) w/compression fx. vertebral endplates

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Developed in collaboration with corporate education and training 2/05, revised 6/10 page 1 of 14 epidural / intrathecal / intrapleural analgesia. developed by janie best, msn, aprn, bc, onc. presbyterian healthcare, revised by...

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Each of the spinal nerves provides sensation to a predictable area of skin. pain radiating down the leg to the small toe in the general pattern of the s1 dermatome suggests that a herniated disk may be pinching the s1 nerve root in the spine.

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