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Temp-chex thermometer unit for accurate monitoring of laboratory temperatures. as mandated by cap1 and clia2 regulations, laboratories are required to


Temp-chex intended use the temp-chex thermometer assembly is designed as a convenient device for monitoring the temperature when storing a variety of products...

Material safety data sheet - diagnostic solutions - home

Streck 7002 s. 109 st omaha ne 68128 emergency telephone... are the hazardous components of the temp-chex product. • methanol and toluene are flammable liquids.

Material safety data sheet - diagnostic solutions - home

Product name: temp-chex mercury product type: temperature monitor; refrigerator (240041)... streck provides no warranties, either expressed or implied.

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Streck temp-chex models for refrigerators (-5° to +15° c) and freezers (-30° to +1°c) enviro-safe and red spirit temp-chex thermometers monitor refrigerators...

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Streck temp-chex digital thermometer model 240056 for refrigerator and freezer. digital display and remote sensor. standard-no extra cost streck www.streck.com/

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Streck temp-chex digital unit & probe 143.79 sundance dillon's hardware supplies 231.68 sundance electric inc. fixture replacement contract 13000.00...

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• http://www.streck.com/product.aspx?p=temp-chex • "min/max" (digital) • http://www.streck.com/product.aspx?p=temp-chex%20digital

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Temp to invirion for processing and analysis 0.5% x4 virus 1-2 days... (streck laboratories, omaha, ne) and shipped at ambient temperature

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