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Chest press 1. sit in a chair with your head up and your back straight. 2. start with your elbows bent holding the weights at your chest. 3. push the weight straight out in front of

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Type 1: fraying and degeneration of superior labrum can not horizontally abd or er with forearm pronation without pain type 2: pathologic detachment of the labrum and biceps tendon anchor

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Definition of therex te is the systematic performance of planned physical movements, postures or activities intended to enable the patient/client to: remediate or prevent impairments

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Www.orthonc.com page 1 back pain exercises key points low back pain is very common among adults and is often caused by overuse and muscle strain or

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12. key words. skeletons of vertebrates. skeletons support and give shape to the body. they protect the soft organs of the body. the skeletons of vertebrates are made of bones and cartilage.cartilage is found at the joints. cartilage is a toughflexible, substance that allows bones to rub together smoothly without causing pain.

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