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'wh - ' questions 1 complete each sentence, using what, where, when, who or why: what (information) where (location) when (time) who (people) why (reasons) 1.

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Synergy :, 275-326 44 multiple-wh-questions veneeta dayal 1 introduction 1.1 wh-expressions as diagnostics of scope 1.1.1 fronting and possible answers as...

How to help your child understand and produce "wh" questions

Be able to ask and answer wh questions. these simple questions lay the groundwork for children to participate in conversations...

Early understanding of subject and object wh-questions

Wh-questions may also be more difficult to process than subject wh-questions be-cause they are less frequent in the input, as has been suggested for object and sub-

Chapter 4 questions

Wh- questions can be categorized according to the purpose they serve for an asker. three types exist: information questions, repeat please questions, and elaborate


'wh' questions: at 8pm, 21. where will i be waiting? 22. what will you be doing? 23. why will he be studying? 24. how will she be travelling? 25.


1-2-3-4-5 an easy way to make questions in english (yes/no & information questions) prepared for the communications competencies center university of puerto rico at...

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Check questions 51 test your knowledge 51 chapter 2 grammatical foundations: structure 57... the [+wh] feature (pronounced 'double-u aitch') indicates

Adverbs of manner - bienvenido/a

Ies libertas. torrevieja. departamento de inglés adverbs of manner 1. form adverbs of manner from the following adjectives. bad - high - careful - fast...

The present simple future actions exercises - city lit moodle

Answer the questions using the present simple with future meaning. the first question has been done for you. 1. a are you coming to the cinema tonight? b...

To be - positive sentences & contractions - alrightenglish

Present simple 'wh' questions with 'be' make a question with 'be': 1. where / john? 2. why / they / hungry? 3. where / we? 4. who / you? 5.

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And wh- questions. 4 you ask a yes or no question to get yes or no as the answer. use the verbs be, have or do, or any of the helping verbs, to ask yes or no questions.

Critical reasoning: a user's manual

Questions might yield better information (though it can be difficult to assim-ilate), but the present format can be graded easily on a scantron, and you can

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You just answered my questions before i asked them. 35 b. for each sentence above, put brackets around the subordinate conjunction and all the words that belong with it.

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Role play the following piece of dialogue, try the wh-questions first with the falling tune and then with the rising tune. you will feel the difference.

10 past simple negative

10.4 write questions with who/what/how/why...? 1. i met somebody. who did you meet? 2. tom arrived. what time tom? 3. i saw somebody. who you? 4. they...

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Based on sentence (32), form as many wh-questions as possible and indicate the transformations by means of traces. (32) polar bears can sleep peacefully on an ice floe.

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20 frequently asked questions how's it going? what's the matter? 21 common responses i hope so, that sounds great, what a shame 22 greetings...

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They welcome your questions. they don't teach you, they inspire. how many chances do you have (22) life to have your work assessed (23)

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2. short answer questions 6 3... information, such as the 'wh-' words and nouns. try to work out what you are going to hear from the vocabulary

Strategies for the listening test of ielts

• try making questions to ask about the information you need. • make some notes about what type of information... pay attention to the wh-

Relative dating in archeology - anthropology home

The kinds of questions they should ask are: is it made of wood, paper, cloth, metal, pottery? is it large or small?... wh ere was the object itself made?

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Some is used in questions which are really offers/requests or which expect the answer "yes". will you have some ice-cream? (offer) could you lend me some money?

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