The resilience of the internet: the mechanics behind the revolution

And a striking unconventional public protest: a virtual... interpretation of the "blackout" by replacing all of... wikipedia's user base so large is that of...

Protect network neutrality against intellectual property rights

Wikipedia "service blackout" (january 18, 2012) in protest against the sopa (stop online piracy act) and the pipa (protect ip act).

Battling islamophobia | 3 oscars point-counterpoint | 6 who will ...

To protest the bills and their potential... blackout. while wikipedia justified their blackout as an att empt to make viewers imagine a world where such bills

Author's personal copy

Wikipedia's blackout was... twitter-a tool for mobilization of online protest against the legislation-that a vote on the bills would be delayed indefinitely [1].


Popular sites like wikipedia staged a blackout on wednesday to protest the bills. google put a black banner over its name. nothing quite like that has ever happened

"stop online piracy act" u.s. law enforcement's ability to ...

... thousands of websites went black in an effort to protest the "stop online... internet moguls like wikipedia... sopa blackout aims to block internet...

Newsletter for 06 february 2012

Sopa blackout: wikipedia, google, wired protest 'internet censorship' gs/technology/2012/01/sop a-blackout-wikipedia-google-

† why you should be concerned † i am going to play a video ...

† sopa's author called wikipedia's blackout a "publicity... people took to the streets of new york city to protest the bills.

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Capitol hill the day wikipedia... blackout to protest the legisla-tion. the internet companies said the bills could lead to cen-sorship and cause legitimate

The case for a modern public forum: how the bay area rapid ...

See, e.g., sopa blackout: bills lose three co-sponsors amid protests... wikipedia and about 10,000 other... protest planned at civic center bart today over...

Black wednesday?

... dozens of websites, including wikipedia... protest of two pieces of legislation currently being considered by... "blackout." created date: 1/27...

Rsis commentaries

The internet blackout day in malaysia last fortnight has caused the najib administration to... this was in protest against... wikipedia and reddit for...

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My attention were "wikipedia" and "blackout," and i had a min-iature heart attack when i thought... in protest to what? so, apparently, sopa is trying

Volue ssue march lynch lab closes doors to students during free ...

Other websites joined the protest, including google, which featuring a blacked out logo, and firefox, which had a message similar to... wikipedia blackout page

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But despite howls of protest from those whose tvs and... - imagine there is a blackout across peterborough and... wikipedia does have some examples but...


A protest in cyberspace works to fight sopa legislation... and….. site is advocating for the blackout

New media in closed societies: the role of digital technologies in ...

Example of a technology driven protest in a highly authoritarian state... protestors used chat services, wikipedia... blackout were felt around the world.

Full fact discussion of the internet and the inquiry

Audience via a blackout by top 10 sites that included google and wikipedia this was in protest at us bills which would have created a mechanism for denying access to

Happy employees: 2d business

Who say the protest of anti-piracy legislation could threaten the credibility of their work. "my main concern is that... wikipedia editors question blackout

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