Secure shell demon setup under windows xp / windows server ...

$ cygrunsrv -i sshd -d "cygwin sshd" -p /usr/sbin/sshd and you start it with $ cygrunsrv -s sshd. troubleshooting below you find a list of errors and fixes, in no...

Connecting to windows machines via openssh / cygwin

Prompt, or you can run "cygrunsrv.exe -s sshd". the third way is to simply reboot.

Setting up vnc over ssh - twin cities - university of minnesota

Now you are ready to start the service: "cygrunsrv -s sshd" test the service by running "ssh localhost" important! you will need to open up ssh in the firewall.

Programming with subversion, trac and buildbot

$ cygrunsrv −−help 2.2.7 final note installation of free tools, developed mainly for gnu/linux, under windows with cygwin is possible and quite simple.

Readme - hp systems insight manager 6

3.7.1isnotstuckinastartin gstate.ifitis,selectend process forthecygrunsrv.exe processandany

Defending yourself against the wily wireless hacker

Zstart service with cygrunsrv -s sshd {windows user account must have a password. remote is windows xp (pre sp2) accept connections on port 22 (part 1)

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